Four HP Laptop Battery Issues And Their Triggers

Four HP Laptop Battery Issues And Their Triggers

HP is one of the most known laptop and computer brands in the world. There are numerous HP laptop owners across the globe. The products feature impressive qualities. One of the only issues you will hear about these machines is their deteriorating batteries. This is the reason why stores are selling HP laptop batteries. In this post, we pay attention to HP laptop battery issues and their triggers.

Common HP laptop battery issues and their triggers

If you own a laptop, you know that the battery tends to deteriorate with time. Below are common reasons why this happens:

1. Oldness

Age is a popular trigger for several laptop battery issues. This trigger does not care about the laptop brand or model. Age usually affects how the product functions after a while. With proper maintenance, most laptop batteries are designed to last for up to eighteen months. After this time, they tend to age and lose their quality.

For instance, they may not hold a charge for as long as they used to. For this reason, even the best laptop batteries from top brands may have to be replaced after a while.

2. Battery model

The model or battery type also affects how it performs and how long it maintains its good qualities. This explains why some laptop batteries tend to perform well for longer than their counterparts. The two most common laptop battery models are Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride. The former lasts longer than the latter. However, lithium-ion batteries outperform the two. This is because the model affects the quality.

3. Frequency of use

The rate at which you use your laptop will also affect the rate at which it declines. Naturally, the more frequently you use the battery, the faster the quality declines. The explanation for this is that laptop batteries are designed to withstand a specific number of discharges. For instance, Nickel Cadmium batteries can withstand 1000 discharges, after which they decline.

4. Maintenance

The way you apply and how well you maintain your laptop battery also affects its performance. Proper usage, like only charging the battery using the correct charger, will ensure that quality issues do not arise. This is because using the wrong charger can result in overheating and swelling of the laptop battery. You can maintain your laptop battery by ensuring that it is correctly stored away if your laptop is not used for a long time. Another tip for proper maintenance is not leaving your laptop plugged in throughout and ensuring that you use surge protectors.


Note that laptop batteries are not designed to last forever. However, you can avoid some of the issues mentioned above. Doing this will not take a lot of effort. Avoiding the issues mentioned above will keep you from visiting a laptop accessories store anytime soon. However, you will have to get a replacement battery sooner or later when it comes to age. This is the reason why several stores sell laptop batteries. When choosing the best new battery for your HP laptop, you must look out for its genuineness.